Day 2: It seems as if I used up all of my words yesterday…

So much for strategery.

I guess I’ll have to entertain you then with the mundane and the random.

Try to control your excitement.

I am either officially old or officially on point, but it seems as if the holidays really do get here earlier and earlier every year. I know retailers eagerly await this time of year to feast on shoppers like wild, hungry beasts, but surely even they recognize the absurdity of setting up Christmas decorations before Halloween! I’m totally serious by the way: We spotted two local malls and at least one Target sporting wreaths, garlands and a red & green color palette. All right next to their Halloween clearance aisles circa Oct. 25th is. It’s INSANITY I tell you!!!

I realize, of course, that as a chronic OCD’er I have a penchant for taking the orderly route.  But seriously, can’t we just enjoy each holiday for its own individual merits?  And then appropriately move on once that holiday has commenced? Has rationality escaped this country entirely?

Por ejemplo, starting this week, the one and only radio station that my crap work radio receives began playing Christmas music. I’m already working hard at gearing up for Thanksgiving in this lovely, but odd, 70 degree weather we’re having here. Listening to “Deck the Halls” and “O Christmas Tree” while envisioning dancing sugarplum fairies turkey  drum legs in my head feels a bit …”disjointed.”

Besides, Christmas sweaters are ugly enough.  No need to extend their lifeline any longer than festive mockery purposes necessitates.

Don’t get me wrong.  I love Christmas time something fierce. I also love Halloween and Thanksgiving, although slightly less. More importantly I love the way these fun holidays layer and build upon their predecessor’s excitement and signal the American passing of fall.

And to demonstrate my intellectual prowess, I leave you with this deep thought:

If we stretch Christmas so far across the calendar, it will become ordinary and routine. This familiarity eradicates the anticipation that makes Christmas so special and unique to begin with. And thus, we lose the very magic we are so eager to capture, bottle and sell.

Like duh, Santa.



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2 responses to “Day 2: It seems as if I used up all of my words yesterday…

  1. Aside from the Tweet name-dropping Avril Lavigne, I agree. I love both holidays (well, maybe Christmas a little more so) but I don’t want them smushed together.

    But talking about getting old…I keep finding myself saying, “My, my, the time just flies” so frequently. And then I really do feel like an old woman. Where the hell does the time go????

  2. So very true… I LOVE Christmas, but refuse to acknowledge its existence until Thanksgiving is over. I just try to tune it all out… lalalalala!!!

    And I also agree on getting older. More and more I say “this year has gone by so quickly, I just can’t believe it!” To make matters even more serious, I have this conversation with, gasp, my parents. Wow… welcome to 30, hm? LOL!

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