Day 1: What We Do Best

Well, seeing as how I’ve committed myself to yapping your ears (eyes?) off these next few (cough, 30) days, I figured I’d start with explaining our conspicuous, or rather not so conspicuous, absence from the blogging scene.

Oh Dear Reader, it has been a whirlwind of a few months. Let’s start back in August when we officially fell off the planet.

First up, we had to attend the wedding of some super good Raleigh friends:

First Dance.

A belated, but heartfelt Congratulations to Jeremy & Dana!

Celebrations. It’s what we do best.

Then we high tailed it to the beach to kick it with mi familia. In particular, some super cute nephews and a niece this year!

In the midst of all of those good times, we were ramping up our efforts around the homestead with a little painting, some de-popcorning of the ceilings and even more painting.

Oh! And then I (foolishly/intelligently – you decide) joined a training program to help me prepare for a half marathon I decided to tackle (which I totally rocked, details to come!)

Then Somanna got laid off.  Yea that sucked.  I’ll come back to that.

And then I said the hell with you corporate ‘Merica and I rocked it out with THE surprise 30th birthday party of the year for my main man.  (Actually this had been in the works for months and our FANTASTIC friends rallied for some major support and celebrating.)  Celebrations. It’s what we do best.

As soon as our fabulous party guests left and the sheets had been washed, we had the pleasure of seeing Somanna’s brother & family not once, but TWICE in one year with a week-long visit to our house!

Even cousin Kanishka & his lovely leading lady Ann Marie stopped by for the awesomeness.

I like to call them KAM for short.

Next, we celebrated our 2 year wedding anniversary.  Celebrations.  It’s what we do best.

Some intense job searching, running and networking followed all of these fun festivities. Before you knew it, it was time to celebrate my birthday. Which I celebrated by running my first (but unofficial) half marathon, aka “race simulation day” in my training program. The hubs volunteered to take pics for the event.

That same weekend, we got to see two great college buddies and become more acquainted with lovely Durham. And I don’t’ say that sarcastically. D-Town has a lot of charm and character, despite its somewhat unfair, somewhat accurate reputation.  Either way, Durham, you have charmed me.

Up next, we hit the road for some mountain loveliness, super hilly runs, good times with KAM and the fam in Tennessee and even more good times with great friends in Asheville.

A scenic highway.

Naturally we celebrated Halloween.

Celebrations. It’s what we do best.

More running, job applications and evil (and pointless) cover letters continued to pass the days.  Finally at long last, RACE DAY arrived. Hallelujah!

Don’t worry. Melanie & I rocked that biznatch out! Because we’re bad ass like that.

Since race day, I haven’t done a damn thing. Unless you count cooking some super yummy tomato soup, cornbread jalapeno muffins, brownies and helping Somanna prep for interviews.  Role playing has never been sexier.

All of THAT brings me to today. Well, except for last weekend where we went to our first tailgate (I know – embarrassed.) and our first Carolina Hurricanes Hockey game with the ever fabulous Life In a Nutshell. (Pictures and post to come.)  Today I went to work, while Somanna got ready for another interview (yippee!).  The cats slept in various positions around the house and stared at the pretty leaves.  Or in Marshall’s case, the cat food cabinet.

Red leaf...

So yeah. That’s about three months thrown at ya. Hope you enjoyed that ride. It’s been…quite an interesting one for us. And now the holiday season is upon us, yikes.

Now that we’re all caught up on each other, what’s new with you?

Anything in that massive list peak your interest?

Is this an outline for the next month? Maybe. I’m not sure yet.

There are some potential developments on the horizon that could make this doozy of a list look tame.

We’ll see what happens and be sure to let you know all about it….three months later 😉

Either way, there will be celebrations bitches. It’s what we do best.

Stick around.



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6 responses to “Day 1: What We Do Best

  1. Dang people, after a post like this, you’ve set the bar really high! So, where’s today’s post then? Slackers.

  2. We’re working on standard eastern time over here 😉

    Yea…might have been better to have rationed all of that material out instead. Noted.

  3. While in grad school, you fed your advisor just enough to keep them happy, but not too much so their expectations never got too high…see the things we learn in grad school? Brittany should take note.

  4. Wow!!! What a busy few months! Let us know next time you guys trek over to JC–we’d love to see you! 🙂

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