30 Days O’Bloggin’

So my sister and our good friend Randi, both separately mentioned to us how they are taking part in/a big fan of  National Novel Writing Month where you challenge yourself to write 50,000 words or a 175 page novel between Nov. 1st and Nov 30th.

Very cool.

Then my friend Becky, decided to embark on a similarly themed challenge and blog for 30 days continuously.

Also, very cool.

Then it occurred  to me, in a very Eddie Murphy sort of voice, “Hey! Maybe we should do that.”

You really can’t stop my level of genius.

Our hope is that a challenge of this sort will revive this sad and wilted blog into a thriving little corner on the intrawebs.  Instead of following the rules of Becky’s challenge though,  we have opted instead to take the hell raiser route and go commando on this wee little project.

No Rules!

That’s not because we’re cocky and think we’re incredibly creative.  Rather the idea alone of writing for 30 days straight scares the wits out of us.  We simply can’t handle the pressure of designated topics to boot.  It’s too much and we’re only on Day 1 here people.

Besides, if I’ve learned anything in my short 30 years, it’s that it doesn’t count as failure if you don’t set goals to begin with.

So in that winning and ambitious spirit, let me leave you with a warning, err disclaimer:  Future posts may not be all that long, spell checked, funny, coherent or even remotely interesting.  (Truthfully, we’re really quite dull.)  There may even be some posts of just pictures and few, if any, words.  But as God as my witness there will be some postin’ up in this piece or so help me I shall never go hungry again!


Sorry, but Southern gals have a tendency to quote Ms.  Scarlett for dramatic emphasis.  Moving on then.

So, Hear Ye, Hear Ye, let this proclamation go forth and spread viral across the Internets:

Hencefortheth, Peaches & Curry shall blog for 30 days continuously, barring any natural disasters,  computer failures or bad hair days.  Only six posts may feature solely pictures and they must be new material.   Posts may feature YouTube videos, but must be accompanied by supporting text, relevance not required.   Content does not require continuity or purpose, just posting.

In other words, just write.  And take pictures.  And actually post them, like all good bloggers do.

And if you have a blog and are also feeling a little low on blogging mojo,  feel free to join us in this internet workout and leave your link in the comments.

Let the 2010 Blogging Challenge Begin!!

Blogger’s Block, you’re about to go down.



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5 responses to “30 Days O’Bloggin’

  1. Yay, blogging! Maybe we can keep each other accountable, lol! I had to have the guidelines for me… otherwise I’ll just wander off and waste time doing something pretty unexciting. 😉 Looking forward to your next 30 days! Good luck!

  2. That’s awesome!!! I can’t wait to read 🙂

  3. Hmmm….you’re inspiring me.
    Please tell the tale of Coco Lopez…did you ever take photos of that meal?

  4. Woo hoo! 30 days of bloggin mania – love it!

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