Why not…

Just a have a post with some pictures of our cats?
Oh the horror that will befall me in the photography circles!! I took some pictures of my cats, and posted them online?! And I did it with my point and shoot and not my “fancy” camera?!
At least it’s not pictures of squirrels…

Marshall aka Fatty Patty

Freckles aka Ms Priss

Cat vs. Ball



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4 responses to “Why not…

  1. This post just made Emily’s day. Many thanks! She is such a cat girl (lots of screaming “KITTTY, kitty, KITTY!” in the background here).

  2. Heather

    Your cats are super models compared to ours! This is like the Italian Vogue of cat photography.

  3. Mom

    Marshal is looking at the tennis ball as if it will attack him! Is he a scaredy cat, or what? Freckles always looks so regal–definitely the princess!

  4. Julie- your comment is too cute! Let me know whenever you need more photos of cats! Or better yet, we should have you guys over one evening…
    Heather- maybe Fat Cat ‘Merican Vogue photography… your cat is the healthy one that eats yogurt!
    Mavi- Is Marshall a scaredy cat? Of course, just ask both set of nephews!

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