And then Mother Nature laughed in my face

Remember way back when we set out to save some ki-za$h by not running the A/C so much?


OF COURSE you do….because I’ve only written like four posts since then, so it’s not exactly like you have to hunt through our bare-boned archives.

And remember how this summer, Summer 2010 was the fourth hottest summer on record? And how several cities such as DC and Baltimore and New York all had their hottest summers to date? Remember?

Yup, that all happened this past summer.

But “what about Raleigh” I hear you ask.

Yes, about that.

Well friends, Raleigh was not to be outdone by these more cosmopolitan cities, these places of “culture,” what with their flashy urban lifestyles, dirty public transportation and Yankee accents. HA! No, Raleigh may not have The Met or a White House or a  whatever-the-hell-is-in-Baltimore (a harbor?), but damnit we DO have heat AND humidity to spare. So take THAT you Yankee cities, because we SET A RECORD!

We set a record FOR FOURTH PLACE. WORD!

It’s true, Raleigh was the fourth hottest city in the country. And if that wasn’t enough to make you start sweating bullets, check this out: Summer 2010 set the record for most days with temperatures in the nineties in Raleigh.

*I would like to note that a fair majority of those days topped temps of 95 degrees or higher. I know. I had to go running in that mess.

I believe Nelly put it best when he so eloquently said “It’s getting hot in herr.

Which brings us back to our challenge.  -Not really. But I’m transisitioning anyways, so deal with it.- Well friends, since Mother Nature hopped in bed with the utility company it really didn’t offer us much of a challenge. Instead, we pretty much got our arses handed to us with each electric bill. (Not to worry you, we can afford it no problem. We just like to see if we can lower these things, that’s all.) Nonetheless, when the pie graph on my little bill shows a whopping Sears tower of usage for the month of July versus last year’s wee little stub, it’s quite a blow to the morale.

So here is how the final scorecard played out:

Mother Nature & Progress Energy: 100,000,000 points.

Peaches & Curry: 0.

Sigh …oh well, there’s always next year.

On the plus side, Fall weather is finally here!

And by that I mean it’s 70 degrees!



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One response to “And then Mother Nature laughed in my face

  1. Yay for 70 degrees! I am actually wearing a long sleeve shirt and not sweating my tail off. It is about damn time!

    Fourth place is no slouch. It’s kind of comforting to know others were ill at ease with the whole “feeling like you’re sucking air out of a car muffler” 200-bazillion-degree heat deal this summer.

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