Two Years Ago Today!

Peaches & Curry got hitched!

Then we had a kick ass party with all of our favorite people!

Before we headed off to honeymoon it up in paradise…..

Happy, Happy Anniversary Somanna!

“Whatever souls are made of, his and mine are the same.”

-Emily Bronte



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8 responses to “Two Years Ago Today!

  1. a) y’all are beautiful. Go ahead & make gorgeous babies, already (just kidding. I don’t think the blogosphere is ready for “Winnie in the Womb”)
    b) that was a truly gorgeous and wonderful wedding.
    c) y’all have kick-ass photos ALL THE TIME.
    d) love the garter pic with the red shoes.

  2. e) Love the Bronte quote!

  3. Heather

    Beautiful photos!! Stunning… Happy anniversary to you guys!

  4. Wow, two years! Time flies, and you guys are marvelous together.
    Sending hugs and best wishes for a wonderful anniversary!

  5. Mom

    Such fun! And so beautiful!

  6. Thanks errbody!

    And don’t worry, we all will be re-living the fun on the 10 year mark. Somanna just doesn’t know it yet 😉

  7. Mom

    ok, sounds intriguing! Will we have a baby by the 10 year mark, perhaps?! Don’t want to be pushy or anything, but 10 years= 40 for you and I may not be around or able to enjoy the little Muthannas. Just saying!

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