How Do You Solve a Problem Like


( Special thanks goes to The Sound of Music for sponsoring today’s blog post title.)

Friends, meet our favoritest boy kitt-eh Marshall Muthanna. I believe you’ve seen him around the blog before.
lawd have mercy there you go again...

He’s our loveable, lazy, grumpy but sweet, snugglebug who could never last more than five minutes in the wilds of suburbia. I mean, the poor baby cowers during thunderstorms and thinks the vacum cleaner is the devil. Predatory skills are not his forte. Just sayin’…

Anyhoos, we still love our little furbaby lots. Especially when he purrs right next to your face on Saturday mornings because he’s so happy you can finally sleep in.

Unfortunately, a recent trip to the vet gave Marshall the not-so-clean bill of health. Our little sumo kitteh, the vet declared, is obese. Yup, that’s right, obese! Turns out Marshall has been reading too many Garfield strips and consequently is now what the vet termed as “pre-diabetic.” I’m already bitter that we have to start buying PRESCRIPTION CAT FOOD, so there’s no way in Hades I’m giving my cat two shots of insulin every day for the next 10-15 years of his life.

So Marshall has officially been put on a diet.  Consequently, we’ve been seeing alot of this pissed off set of whiskers.

G11 Test Kitteh

The vet said it will take a year or two to get him to lose the weight.  In the meantime, to supplement his diet plan, Marshall will begin reading O magazine to determine the roots of his emotional eating and taking walks.

On a leash.


This should be interesting.



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4 responses to “How Do You Solve a Problem Like

  1. Yesss. I can’t wait to hear about the leash walks 🙂 Sorry Marshall’s unhealthy! Dieting’s not fun for anybody…

  2. Elizabeth Wyche

    Poor baby. I mean Marshall, of course. I’ve tried diets, and I don’t like them! I can’t wait to see the picture of Shaloot taking Marshall for his first leashed walk.

  3. Mom

    I agree with your grandmother! These walks on a leash should be interesting! Wonder which one will be the leader? What I picture is Marshall sitting on his haunches refusing to budge, but who knows? He may take off and have Shaloot running to keep up!

  4. JFrench

    Imagine all the calories he’ll burn anticipating who will grace the cover of the next O magazine!

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