Getting put to shame…

My bro and sister-in law have 2 kids ages (just turned!) 3 and… er… uhm… 1… and a half?

In my defense, (doubt that I should really call it that) I have a bad history of remembering ages and birth years. Yes, it drives Beth mad that I can’t remember how old my parents are or even remember what year they were born in, so it’s not a question of poor math skills, it’s just a slight difficulty remembering 4 numbers in a particular order.  Though the first 2 digits I always get right!

*This just in: Daniel is 18 months.  Thank you Beth for answering the question without a sigh at the end*

Anyways, the point is that they have 2 active boys and yet are able to blog about their trips and adventures plus post photos.  And in this day and age, posting photos means not only taking the picture, but downloading them on a computer, opening up a photo editing program, touch up here and there, and then finally uploading and rearranging in a blog post. With 2 kids running around.  And jobs.  Oh and some major house project undertaking.

Here’s a chance to show off a picture of Alex:

And here is little man Daniel:

Even our friend Julie, whose little one runs like a Energizer bunny, has the time to post, with pictures!

Me?  I got 2 cats, one of which is fat and lazy so it’s really 1.5 cats (but food consumption is more like 3).
G11 Test Kitteh

Meanwhile Beth is taking down popcorn ceiling, training for a half marathon, and is usually bailing my inept self out in the kitchen.   Me?  Getting put to shame.  The name of this blog is Peaches AND Curry.  It takes 2 to tango, and so I will start to contribute more kari to this blog, fire up the camera, and put down the Xbox controller.  The last one I “blame” on my brother 🙂

So I’m putting it out there, putting my feet to the fire as they say, and will start to stir this pot of Peaches and Curry more often!



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4 responses to “Getting put to shame…

  1. Do it!
    And man, your nephews are adorable! Good grief!
    PS Congrats on another photo up at WUNC!

  2. NO, don’t put the controller down – get a net connection so I can whup your ass on Forza and the upcoming F1 game, and the upcoming WRC game.

    I’ll be the first to say, it ain’t easy keeping the blogs and pictures updated. But the boys’ blog is also more for me as well.

  3. tone

    thanks for the shout out, but gotta be honest and give most of the props for the blog to your favorite brother and my lovely hubby, Chittiappa!
    And we never blog about all the stuff we never do anymore…

  4. @Erin – yea they are!! You want to meet them in the September and hear them speak Norwegian?! It just adds to the cuteness factor!

    @Bro- It will happen one day, the net connection, not the ass-whupping. Between Forza, F1 and WRC, I will really become a couch potato!

    @Tone – Hey you’re still posting, so there’s props to you for that!

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