Sam Sucky-McSuckerson

I think our blog is dead.

We have officially resuscitated this thing more times than BP tried to cap that stupid leaking oil pipe.

Sure we have pictures. Sure we’ve done things, seen people, gone places, eaten things, painted walls, had funny, goofy marital moments, blah blah blah. But apparently we can’t seem to get all of that posted on this here corner of cyberland.

Because we rock suck like that. I really don’t know how professional bloggers-that-still-have-real-jobs do it to be honest.

So readers (cough Mama and Grandamama) we apologize for the zillionth time for the lack of posts. It frustrates us too.

Here’s hoping in August we’ll do better!



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2 responses to “Sam Sucky-McSuckerson

  1. Mom

    This Month!?? I don’t think so with all the traveling you two are planning. Resume in the Fall–like the Back-to-School, let’s get on a regular schedule, kind of thing!

  2. I completely relate to this post! Maybe we can both become better bloggers…. maybe! 😉

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