Automatic Responses.

I have to be careful about them. I have a bad habit of “blindly” replying back to a person when a greeting had been mentioned without really thinking about my response. For example, the person behind the fast food Panera counter says “Thank you and enjoy your meal” to which I reply “Thanks and you too.”

Er… You too what?  Enjoy your invisible meal that you are munching on while handing out change to my I’m-here-to-eat-and-enjoy-myself butt?  What do I say then?  “Oh sorry, I didn’t mean that.  I know you’re not eating right now, you’re working this bare minimum wage job, and will have to scoff your food and cigarette in a half hour break 2 hours from now.   But maybe then you’ll enjoy it?”  Just a simple “Thank you” or maybe, heck smile and nod your head, is sufficient Somanna!

Or like this evening, after coming home from work and catching Beth getting ready to leave for her cake decorating class she has with Melanie.  She has cake decorating class this evening, while I have an indoor soccer game.  Cake decorating… indoor soccer.

Beth – “Well have fun tonight at your game!”

Me – “Thanks boo baby Beth, you have fun with Melanie and tell her I said ‘Hi’.”

“Ok!  And be safe tonight!”

Because, you know, people sprinting around, soccer ball flying through the air, tackles sliding in, possible kick to the chest ala World Cup final game, running, bumping, I wear glasses, etc.

“Ok, you too…”

Oh… fudge…




“Me too what?  Be careful I don’t eat to much sugar?  Be careful not to poke my eye out with a blunt spatula?  Watch out for that icing?  I’ll watch out for Melanie too, ok?”

What’s that saying about you have to listen to people instead of just hearing them?  And to think before you speak?

Man I really hope she’s bringing back some cake.


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One response to “Automatic Responses.

  1. Cake makin’ is no joke.

    I have a bad habit of saying, “Yes ma’am” to people who aren’t…ma’aams. Many sirs have given me strange looks before.

    Great post!

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