Do you have uber-talented, fantastically funny friends?

I do!!

And one of my besties, Erin is so talented that she writes not one, but *two* blogs in addition to a full-time gig that would make you insanely career jealous, freelance writing gigs, all while executing general fabulousness on a daily basis. I can barely manage one blog and two cats, let alone exude coolness on a daily basis. Gotta love when you can friend-up 🙂

Erin’s (along with her dedicated foodie husband Scott) first blog, Hungry Times Two focuses on fun eats, recipes and restaurants. In her second blog, Thirty For Thirty, Erin chronicles the successes (and sometimes setbacks) of maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

Lucky for me, I not only get to claim Erin as mi amiga and read her fantastically PASSIVE-VOICE-FREE-writing, but occasionally she even lets this circus monkey hop up on stage and guest star in a rambling, meandering post or two.

So check out my friend’ Erin’s blog Thirty For Thirty. You’ll get two bloggers for the price of one and you just might recognize some circus shenanigans from this clown.

Y’all have a great week!



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2 responses to “Bloggerriffic

  1. Hallmark Moment Alert: I heart you and feel so fortunate for your friendship.

    I really appreciate your support and your amazing, ever-so-witty contributions to the blog. You are indeed an inspiration – cue the Mariah –

    Thanks for the shout-out – we are both super fabulous!!!

  2. L.O.L.! That Hero song – WOW – what a hilarious flashback circa 6th grade! Girl that totally made my day!

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