We have lived in “nuestra casa” for almost two years. In fact, our two-year closing anniversary is next month.

And this entire time, we’ve been especially thankful for our oh-so-helpful neighbor Rob. Whom we have called by name many, many times. And he always responded with a friendly, but slightly generic “Hey guys, how’s it going?” We just assumed he was hesitant to pronounce Somanna’s name and that he probably didn’t know mine since he and Somanna tend to chat more. No big deal.

At least that’s what we figured.

Turns out his name is Bob, not Rob.

Good to know. Especially for this year’s Christmas cards.



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4 responses to “Em-Barrassed

  1. Heather

    Don’t worry. Our old neighbor called Jason “Steve” for something like 4 years. Hell, I almost started calling him Steve because I thought it was easier to just go with it than to correct her.

  2. Well, they’re derived from the same name, so it’s not that far off.
    Just pat yourselves on the backs that you care enough to speak to your neighbors – so many people don’t even know who lives next to them anymore. :-/

    • True. We were just lamenting how we need to branch out and introduce ourselves to more neighbors. Here’s hoping we get their names right from the get go!

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