Skillz: We gots ’em

(I will regret this in the morning, but I just had to brag share about our little project.)

So! In honor of Memorial Day, Somanna and I decided to get our Surbanite on and we jumped right into a wee landscaping project. Have we ever done something like this before? Uh, negative Captain. Did we do any official research prior to our small undertaking? Heck, no!

That’s right Baby, we’re wild!

It’s how we roll here in suburbia.

Anyhoo, we decided we could no longer bear the shame that was our mailbox area. Did I mention that we live next door to Mr. Yard of the Year? Because if this site alone didn’t make us feel guilty enough, seeing our neighbor’s landscape masterpiece next door finished the job.

Pitiful isn’t it?

Yea, we thought so too. So we got to work hacking away at the dirt, weeds and grass.

Our plan was simple. Make a square-ish shape with proper edges around the mailbox. Throw out weeds and other non-flowering, ugly things. Then plant pretty stuff. Add some fancy organic dirt and mix well. Mulch. Water. Give each other high fives and order pizza for a hard afternoon’s work. Sounds bueno no?

Well, that was our plan after we goofed, put mulch down before we planted things and then realized that maybe we needed a plan after all. Uh, oops.

I believe it’s called a “learning curve.” Except our learning curve resembles an eight when it comes to house and yard stuff.

By the way, I’m not flipping you off in this *stellar* photo of myself. Rather I’m trying to document that we’re in phase “1” of the project, the mulching. Which really should be stage “5.”  Go team!

Once we put the mulch down we were pretty pleased with how much cleaner things looked almost instantly. Even so, I thought things still looked a little bare. Drab, to be precise. So I dragged Somanna to the local big box gardening center and forced him to buy me pretty flowery things plants. Unfortunately, about 4,000 other couples had the same idea and we were surrounded by even more suburbanites in the gardening center.  Nothing like standing in a big, box store on a holiday weekend to make you feel utterly void of individuality and a pawn for mass marketing. (Our farmer’s market is further away and we were racing against the impending rainstorm. Hence the quick stop at the big box chain.) Oh well. Those big stores are good for some things and convenience is certainly one of them.

So we returned home with our loot which specifically included….some tall, yellow flowers, short, purple flowers, spiky red things, and more pink and purple flowers.

Because I wanted my mailbox area to have a slight My Little Pony theme. Never mind technical things like plant names! I can’t be bothered with biology people!

(*Cough*-I threw out the name tag thingys.*)

So we raked back the mulch we had so diligently spread out earlier and began digging up holes to give our new goodies a permanent home place. But first I took this picture of our “placement plan.” Only because I’ve seen other people do this. And it looks pretty professional, jes? I really don’t know what I’m doing here. So let’s pretend I do!

My Little pony, my little pony, isn’t the world a lovely place?!

Happy with our placement plan, we set about planting each of these suckers in the ground. Then we added some gardening soil, water, curry powder (just kidding!) and covered everything with mulch. Again.

After a little clean up of the overall area, this was our final product.

We think it’s a big improvement despite my not-so-hot pictures. We hope to replace the mail box and post in the next few weekends since our current one looks a little bit like Lindsey Lohan i.e. tore up. But compared to the mini-jungle that used to reside there, our little mulch oasis is welcome replacement. Let’s give you another before and after for added fun.

Oh yes, Mr. Mailbox, you’re on the way to being officially pimped.



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4 responses to “Skillz: We gots ’em

  1. Love it.
    The best way to get under the skin of your perfect-yard neighbor would be to poke a few fake plastic flowers in your flower bed!!! That might create a stir.

    • Haha, that would be funny. Except I’m not such a big fan on the plastica-fantastica variety myself. Mr. Yard of the Year is actually quite nice and very helpful to us (not the neighbor who tried to subtly persuade us to change grasses). He’s never said anything about our yard to us. But I see how much care he puts into his and it just makes me feel like a looo-whooo-zzeerr. Thanks for reading Ms. Thang!!

  2. Catherine Phillips Ackerman

    Beth, I really love your blog and writing style. You had me with the Rob to Bob story… HA!! So, funny!!! I don’t think I have done that before but there is deff a first time for everything!
    Many Blessings,

    • Aww thanks for the kind words Catherine! You are too sweet. But yes, we were majorly embarrassed by our goof. Oh well at least it makes for a funny story!
      Thanks for checking our blog out! We *heart* readers.
      I hope you and your family are doing well!
      Take Care, Beth

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