This is What Happens When…..

You clean out your camera’s memory card six months later:

Waaayyy back in February we went to Asheville to celebrate several momentous occasions:

– The recent arrival the newest Ansari family member, Eli.

– To celebrate Proud Papa of Eli Steve-O’s big 3-0!

– To help throw down with Bryan & Rose at their engagement party!

So the weekend was naturally, effortlessly Fab-to-the-Lous.  A new baby, new decades, new engagements….all of life’s joys combined into one weekend.


Except that something else was missing. Something very essential to life. And I didn’t even realize it until it turned right in front of me.

Amazing Grace people. I was lost.

But now I am, indeed, found.

Ladies and Gents, I give you: Da Candy Bus.

This bus carries it all: ice cream, candy bars, chewin’ tobacco, soap, rolling papers, water, blunts, gum, cookies, cigarillos. You know, the basics.

It’s moments like that when I usually turn to Somanna and say, “You know if you ever want to live outside of the South, I’m not necessarily opposed to that idea.”

Lawd help us!


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