Happy New Year!

Happy New Year Everybody!!

No, I haven’t lost my mind…..yet. But since June 1st is right around the corner, I thought it would be a good time to check in and see how everyone is doing with their New Year Resolutions now that 2010 isn’t so new anymore .

As for Casa de Peaches y Curry, I’ll share a few things that we are rocking out and a few things that fall under the self-esteem boosting category of “FAIL.”

In 2010, We Rock At:

Paying off the credit card: MISSION ACCOMPLISHED!!

-Buying life insurance: Now don’t you go dying on me! (Name that movie!) A necessary hassle. But we tackled it like there was no tomorrow. CHECK!

-Paying off the Car: On track for success sometime this early fall.  Hellz to the Yea Baby!!

-Sprucing up the house: This is admittedly a vague goal, but we’re tinkering around, doing a few things here, a few things there. Bottom line, we aren’t such skaredy kats anymore and that is a good thing. Success? I think so.

And now for the things we need help in. Seriously. So leave us some tips!

In 2010, We Suck At:

– Consistent work outs: Some weeks we do awesome. Some weeks not. Ruh wroh!

– Blogging more regularly: Uh, we bombed that one. In April, we all but let this here blog baby wither and die a slow and painful death. But won’t you keep clapping and say that you believe in fairies so this Tinkerbell blog won’t die?! Please clap!! CLAP DANG IT!!

Final Verdict: FAIL.

-Bedtime: Sticking to a consistent and early bedtime of 10 pm. RED ALERT: WE HAVE A MAJOR FAIL! This is by far and away our biggest failure to date. Every night we find ourselves cursing at 11 pm, often later, blaming each other and suffering through long days at work with occasional naps in the car.

So please. I beg of you. Send us some advice and thangs for how we can get to bed on time because it is killing our energy level. Which kills our blog and our workouts = all flab and no gab.

Don’t you believe in fairies? Say you do! Now, if you could clap for me that would be awesome. I’m a little tired myself. So keep clapping!

But enough about us, how are your goals working out for 2- to the 0 to the Ten? Or do you say the heck with OCD list making and goals all together? Leave us some love so that we can judge support you either way!

And now…I’m off to bed at an embarrassing post Midnight time. Yet again, FAIL.



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3 responses to “Happy New Year!

  1. Oh wait, we also suck at the cooking thing. Haven’t barely made any new dishes or ones that we like. Plus my whole plan of at least making 1 simple dish a week from a book/magazine for Beth is still in neutral with the hand brake on and the engine turned off.
    Dang, I can’t even find the keys!

  2. I would love to say I could give you advice about bedtime seeing as we have the same idea, but we fail miserably at that as well….

    • Good to know we’re not alone. It’s just hard to cram into your evening everything you want to do. Here’s hoping we’ll all do better. I need my zzz’s!!

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