The Hardest Question To Answer…

No, it’s not “Does this make me look fat?” or “Do you like my hair?”, but instead “What’s your favorite car?” or “What cars would you have?” or “What car would you buy with $$?”. I can never answer it because I can never decide. Right now I’m obsessing over nearly the entire fleet for Ford. Yes, Ford.

I want the Ford F-150 V6 Eco Boost to haul my imaginary farm equipment.

I want the upcoming Ford Focus Eco-Boost (Wagon especially, but America won’t get it 😦 ) to haul our imaginary kids and their stuff.

I want the Ford Raptor for bundu-bashing around my imaginary property.

I want the Ford Transit Connect to haul my equipment for my imaginary photo business.

I want the new Ford F-350 HD Dually to haul my imaginary horses. Or boat.  Since I might live near a lake or river.

I want the Ford Focus RS500 so that I can imagine I’m Colin McRae around my dirt roads.

I want the Ford Mustang 5.0 to cream nearly everyone else, or I’ll take the V6 version and do it while getting 33mpg.  But I’ll definitely take the 1964 1/2  version and let my dad drive it when they come to visit us in our imaginary farm.

I want the Ford Fiesta when I need to jut into the city for errands from my imaginary property out in the country.

I want a 4 cylinder, manual shift, roll down windows, 2WD Ford Ranger pickup to teach my imaginary kids how to drive in our imaginary farm when they are like 9-10 (speaking from a little bit of personal turth).

I don’t want any of their SUVs or minivans.  Though if we had an imaginary brood of young’uns then I’ll get the C-Max.  I’m not feeling their hybird Fusion cause I’m actually not for hybirds.  I don’t care much for their new Taurus even if it’s the SHO version cause it’s flippin’ huge.

Ask me in a few days I’ve probably completely flipped the script and will have a whole new manufacture’s fleet to dream about.  I change my mind on this subject about as often as Beth changes her mind on where she would like to live.

Happy Weekend Y’all!



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6 responses to “The Hardest Question To Answer…

  1. Bob Wyche

    not sure what to say about this….

    the only one I’d take today is the Taurus, and if I were writing would have focused on the German lines.

    Stick with the R8, it’s good for what ails ya’

  2. oh I could begin one with German cars too… man, it would be a long list.
    Funny, I was really impressed with Taurus interior, like blown away, but that back end… huge! I thought our Accord had a large rear end, but the Taurus…

  3. Scott’s into the Ford Transit Connect – we were on route to Raleigh when we saw a couple of them. I think they look like super Euro windowless VW Vanagons and are pretty boxy but I bet they could be helpful in our constant moving schemes.
    Ford has stepped up with its fuel efficiency…I wish their Euro models were more available here.

  4. May Wahdan

    Looking forward to that German car blog!

  5. 🙂 nice. Though, you’ll be sad to know, the RS500 is a FWD only. The blue oval doesn’t sell any awd hot hatches anymore. Also, you’re doing the S-Max a disservice by not considering it as it’s one kick ass mini-van. The euro mondeo is what the taurus should’ve been, but maybe it’s small by US standards – the wagon is one sleek piece of metal.

    Don’t think a german company can give you all that, unless you consider VW group as one. Hint – amarok, touareg, rs6, gti (x2), transporter, bluemotion, rs4, murcielago – should have you covered.

  6. Well if I look at the European market, then I will have a tough time with it, but here the VeeDub line up is… ok. I’ve never warmed up to their SUVs; I think their minivan the Routan is a joke esp. since it’s a rebadged Chrysler! The Golf and Jettas are nice, but their maintenance costs a little up there. I like Audi, but then feel conflicted saying that cause they are jazzed up VeeDubs, but their lineup is sweet! I love the R8, and the open top version as well, which I think is the first time I’ve lusted after a convertible…
    B/w Bimmer and Merc, I actually like the Merc lineup; their style is classic cool.

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