Cultural Confusion

Sometimes, Somanna is (understandably) thrown by a particularly strong Southern / Country accent. Often this happens for him at work. Monday night, he shared one of those moments with me.

Somanna: “Hey, so do you know what the word “Biddy” means?”

Beth: “Yea, it’s short for B*tch. As in ‘She’s a mean ole bitty.”

Somanna: “Oh so that’s what it means! They were saying “bit-tee, not bid-dy! Some co-workers were saying it today and I’d never heard of it before. And I couldn’t figure out what they meant by it exactly.”

Beth: “Oh, what did you think it meant?”




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3 responses to “Cultural Confusion

  1. HA. Sooooo not the same thing.
    I like to think I have a more refined southern accent, but I get called out for prouncing a medicine “pill” like an orange “peel.”
    Plus, Scott may be Southern, but he doesn’t know any Southern expressions, so I am constantly having to backtrack.
    Examples: “It’s raining to beat the band.” [It’s raining really, really hard]
    “Well, that’s the pot calling the kettle black.” [You’re being hypocritical.]

  2. My accent definitely intensifies the more tired and/or drunk I am. I tend to drop of the “g” on words that end in “ing.” E.g. thunderin’ N lightnin’. And sometimes, when it’s really bad, “want” becomes “Wont” and then I’m embarrased.

    And yea, I drive Somanna CRAZY with all the expressions! Sometimes he tries to quote them back to me and inevitably messes up, which can be pretty funny. Por ejemplo, he often says “it’s like the frying pan calling the pot kettle black” and then I start laughing and he starts swearing.

    But as long as Scott has a Southern palette, it’s all good. Bring on some s’rimps in May!

  3. Excellent story, and post 🙂

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