*Tap, Tap* Is this thing on?

Before I start getting panicked phone calls from concerned loved ones, I just wanted to hop on this here bloggy blog and reassure yall that Peaches & Curry are indeed alive and kicking. Our apologies for the long hiatus, but we sort of launched ourselves accidentally, somewhat purposefully, into official home ownership land with a small, but pesky little renovation project at Casa de Peaches y Curry that has exceeded our naive time line of 3-4 days to ?? ….well, something longer.

Unfortunately for you and us, our little project involves doing up the spare bedroom that we creatively named “the office” which means ….some days we have ze internetz and some days we don’t.

It also means that our desktop currently resides in the spare bedroom, along with a bunch of other  crap useful stuff.  This is important to you because all of our India pictures also reside on the desktop, which has delayed the Safari post I am *so* excited to write. Boo.

But don’t you worry your pretty little head Dorothy, we are taking lots of pictures of our dorky home project to show the world how terribly unflattering safety goggles are and that we really have no idea what the hell we are doing, so you should get lots of laughs at our amateur shenanigans.

Until then, here are some pics of da kittehs to tide you over.

Just think of them as mini-tigers.

They call me Le Tigre. My appeetights is furociouz.

Mommy and Daddy keepz puttin me onz a dyette. I haz to do what I canz to servivez.

Oh, Hi!! Howz longs haz U bin standinz dere? U wuz dere de hole tymes? Howz much did U seez exactlys? (I’z so embarrasszed!)

We’z ruuv to sleeps on yer fernitures. Dis iz comfy. Why iz U so madz rite now?

Finish our roomsz pleze. We wants to seez our Indian koouzin on Safari!


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One response to “*Tap, Tap* Is this thing on?

  1. Elaine

    Too funny! The kitties do not look too disgruntled about being temporarily displaced!

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