Road Trip!

I have been talking way too much about India. So in this post I’m going to hush up and let the photos take you on a little ride. So grab your Dramamine kids, we’re going on a road trip, Indian style!

MTV’s Pimp My Ride ain’t got nothin’ on India! Check it:

From the public bus above to the bull cart below, you can always ride in style.

COWS! On the Highway!

Roadside Scene:

One of the thrills of international travel: Seeing other languages on normal things like road signs. This is Kannada, the official state language of Karnataka.

More traffic:

And I shall name him: Carl! Carl the Cow. (Bonus Points Alert: This picture makes me think of a certain SNL alum movie that has a funny quote about butchers. First one to name the movie wins blog bragging rights!)

Hitting a little bit of traffic as we pass through a small town.

Girls walking to school: We often saw girls riding bicycles as well. There is currently a big campaign from both the government and private organizations to provide girls in poor, usually rural areas bikes so that they can attend school. In the rural areas, schools are often far away and often boys will receive the family bike to attend school over the girls.

Note the uniforms. Boys and girls wear ties. And on their designated physical education day, the kids wear an all white uniform. Which is ironic given they just end up especially dirty from playing outside all day!

MOOOOvver ovah pahtnah!

SHEEP!!! If you only knew how excited I was to see the farm animals out and about. I secretly used to dream that I was Charlotte from Charlotte’s Web. I even begged my mom to let me have a pet pig! Now I secretly dream of being a homesteadin’ hippie-mama. But then I remember that I like Target. Confused much? Yea, me too.

Load her up and git ‘er done!

Hope you can see this. Click on the picture if you need to. I have no idea if that will work as I am inept at efficiently operating technology. These guys are digging up ginger root. They are using the old school blades too. Very hard work.

Now we’re in Coorg baby! The region Somanna and his people call home. This is a typical Coorg road.

Sometimes, ok most of the time, it’s easier to drive along the side of the road than deal with all the potholes in the road.

When Somanna saw this truck he said, “I wonder at what point do they say, ‘you know I think we had better stop. We don’t want to overload the truck or anything.”

Black cow: I’m not lost Bessie! I just hate asking for directions!

White cow: Bullsh*t Carl.

Heading to work in Coorg!


Gonnikoppal Traffic:

See the road condition? This actually a pretty decent stretch.

Mango Trees!

Teak Trees: The British planted these trees back in the day to harvest them for furniture. Unfortunately, the leaves from these trees are big and leave a thick layer of mulch that has suffocated much of the native underbrush. Now that teak wood isn’t in as high demand or yielding as much money to be a profitable commodity crop, they aren’t harvested as quickly, thus contributing even more to the eradication of native plant species. So basically the jungle looks more like forest now. Sad.

Spotted Dear: (said with an Indian head bobble)

Hey! You got somethin’ to say to me?!?!

Goatta-have it!

Boys walking somewhere….very cute.  It is very common to see men holding hands, walking with one arm around each other. You see more gender on gender outward displays of affection than couple-y affection.

This picture cracks me up. I just love the juxtaposition.

Some menfolk getting their social on at the local country sto’:

Live Chickens!

Feeling Sheepish? Not these guys!

A small town hospital:

Local  ladies selling produce on the side of the road: (And check out the evil eye she is giving me!)

Notice how their horns are painted? This is usually done partly out of decoration (Name that movie quote: Now Joanna, you do want to express yourself don’t you?) and partly as a religious custom (I don’t know the meaning behind it, sorry.).

This dude has lots of empty plastic jugs behind him that he is selling.

A Roadside Temple: Sometimes a spot is designated as holy or auspicious and thus a temple is born.

Extended Auto Rickshaws: The more the merrier!

Roadblock: We had to take a detour because something happened, not sure what. But I was amazed that this many people were on two buses! (There are two buses on the right side of the road. The red bus on the left still had all its passengers.)

Papa Bear, Mama Bear and Baby Bear all out for a ride.

Government billboard promoting helmet safety:

Drive through bananas anyone?

The Swastika is originally a Hindu symbol meaning all is well and is used to bring good luck and fortune.

Of course the Nazis kind of ruined that whole image.

(*Please note I am NOT making fun of the Nazi’s or the Holocaust in any way.*)

When this picture was taken we were in Mysore and it was Republic Day (Jan.26) so lots of Indian flags were flying high!

Egg-cellent transportation of your groceries amigo!

This is probably a local ladies club enjoying a social outing. Typically they are from the same region or community and often they make hand crafts and sell them together, kind of like a co-op.

The Indian Double Decker: Taken on the outskirts of Bangalore.

Well Friends, that concludes our road trip!

We hope you enjoyed the ride and the photos!

Ta Ta!



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13 responses to “Road Trip!

  1. Heather Sanger

    Ooh ooh! Me me me!!

    So I Married an Axe Murderer and Office Space!

    I’m the big winner, yes??!?!?

  2. Tommy Boy & Office Space 🙂

    Beautiful pictures – I’m so jealous! Love y’all and hope to hear more about the trip soon!

  3. Elaine

    Wow! Wow! These pictures are wonderful!

  4. Oh Heather! So close!! I was actually thinking of Tommy Boy when he says “You can get a good look at a T-Bone steak by sticking your head up a bull’s ass but wouldn’t you rather take the Butcher’s word for it?”

  5. Wonderful pictures. I enjoyed the trip.

  6. Somanna, These are fantastic!!! you are with out excuse. I want to see more 🙂

  7. I agree with you, Somanna—I like the goats too 🙂

  8. thekodavaviking

    These are so much fun to read. You have such a different perspective than me (obviously duh!), that it makes for both interesting and funny reading.

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