and into some snow! Yes I know this is not the post everyone and their mama (literally; Beth’s ma, my ma, her grandma, your ma, everybody!) has been waiting for, but I thought I’d sneak this post to share our first snow for the Raleigh area this winter! Technically, it’s the second one, but the first happened on the weekend we landed so it doesn’t count… for us. So for us it’s still “yay it snowed! it’s so pretty! so clean! etc.”, while for most of you readers y’all are over this white stuff. Except for you Grandma Wyche, you must have been just as excited!
Well, it wasn’t that big of a snowfall, I think maybe 2 – 3″. I think Whiteville got more snow! The roads didn’t even get covered, so we were actually able to get some errands done. But before that, we scooted over to two local parks; Shelly Lake and Umstead, to see what the snowscape would be like. Shelly Lake is basically this big reservoir with a 2 mile loop around for walking, running and even biking. Heck, rollerblading if you’re still into that I suppose. Here’s a few shots:

This father and daughter were really cute. They were just having a jolly old time running around and checking everything covered in snow:
Enjoying the Morning

There’s a little bridge along the loop where people usually feed the ducks and seagulls. Are they seagulls? I’m not sure, but I am reminded of “Finding Nemo” whenever I see these suckers. It was weird to see these birds surrounded by snow:
Get Your Seagulls In a Row.

There was this guy taking his two little dogs for a walk, and I like how this shot has one of them checking back on me, with that expression people have towards photographers when we’re taking pictures of random stuff.

There are these huge tank reservoir thingymajigs along the track, and not sure what they are. Maybe you, Dear Reader, know what these are? That’s the same dog walker in the distance.
Past the Marker

After this we decided to check out Umstead Park, though by this time the sun was already coming out and it had been a couple of hours since the snow had fallen. At Umstead I think we missed some pretty good scenery, most of the stuff had melted away except for this one portion still under the shade. This is the view of the Big Lake (that’s the name, so original no?) from the footpath. To the right of the photo there was no snow.
Snowy Bank

Anyways, that was the snow weekend, which was also Valentine’s weekend, and we “celebrated” the next day by going out on errands. Oh, and a big unhealthy breakfast at some local diner which we will not visit again.



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5 responses to “Off-Track…

  1. Heather Sanger


    I think of Nemo when I see them too 🙂 In fact, Jason and I start doing the Mine!Mine! thing. And btw, I wondered about the seagulls as well because they were all around Lake Lynn, which is across the street from our old house. Apparently, they’re gulls, but not seagulls. I didn’t even know there were different types of gulls until then. I never figured out what type of gulls they were so we just called them suburbiagulls.

  2. Heather Sanger

    Oh, and beautiful photos by the way!

  3. Elaine

    All the pictures are good, but the last one of the lake is my favorite! Absolutely stunning! And you are so right–I do not want to hear the word “snow” (I know–whine, whine, whine). The 100 year-old record for this area has been broken. It was 59.2 inches of snow for a season–we have had 60.8 inches thus far. And the forecast is for more snow on Monday! AAARGH!

  4. With all that snow around, you really should get some skies and explore, Mavi! Is Rover sick of it too?
    -Heather, maybe they should be known as Nemogulls for us laypersons..??
    Glad you all like the photos!

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