Going to the Motherland (jai ho!)

Today we leave to India to visit Somanna’s family and eat lots of spicy, yummy food! Hurray for new passport stamps!!

I had hoped to have some posts set up on auto pilot while we were away, but alas I am too much of a procrastinator (packing this morning, what?!) to get that done.
We will return in two weeks, dead tired I’m sure. This is my first trip so I have NO IDEA what to expect. But I am pretty darn excited 😉

Yall take care and don’t forget about Peaches & Curry. Cause when we get back, there will be some major blogging.

You had best believe it.

Now India, I ask you, Can you BRING IT?



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2 responses to “Going to the Motherland (jai ho!)

  1. Bring it!!!!

    Can’t wait for the witty commentary and gorgeous photography coming up.

    Be safe and have a wonderful time, you two!

  2. Oooh, exciting!! Jason has been to India twice (for work, but he had weekends free) and thought it was amazing.

    Can’t wait to hear about it!

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