Spoiled Rotten

or as they say down South, spoilt rottun.

And that is me, fine friends, that is me.

I is spoilt rottun.

And so is Somanna.

We discovered this whilst I hobnobbed it up with NYC’s finest and he kicked it with sum sassy kittehs in NC.

Upon my arrival in NYC, it occurred to me, and thus inducing a slight panic attack, that I had forgotten to pack one very important item: my personal photographer.

Luckily, Somanna had packed for me a camera complete with a spare set of batteries. I in turn had packed for him a weekend’s worth of homemade chilli and stocked the fridge and cabinets with various edible substances.

Too bad I had to call home and ask how to work the camera. As in generally operate the device, so as to produce an image commonly referred to as a “picture”

Somanna in turn inquired how to cook rice.

Some cross training is in order here folks. Yes indeedy.

**Somanna would like me to note that the rice cooker we own is a biyatch to operate and does not follow your normal rice ratios.



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2 responses to “Spoiled Rotten

  1. thekodavaviking

    What is a normal rice ratio? If y’all can’t operate a rice cooker, I take back the pasta maker and all other doodads that y’all have in the kitchen 😉

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