Trying To Get Back Into The Swing of Things

Where have we been? Oh a little bit of everywhere. Here’s your play by play if any of you are still out there. I had written this lovely post just before Blogger & I split up. Since I won it in the settlement, I shall now display it proudly with pictures intact here. Enjoy!
A week after our trip to the beach we swung to the other end of North Kakalacky and went camping near Max Patch “con amigos de colegio.” And naturally, good times ensued. As did some debauchery….but you never mind that now. First up, let’s meet our gang of troublemakers shall we?

Our crew arrived in stages, but it was Sweet T, aka Tooonnnnyyyy, who scouted out the purrfecct spot for us to throw our crap down.

Tony : Hula

Of course a man with this kind of hip action knows how to pitch a tent. That’s a perverted way of saying Tony knows his camping stuff. And he brought along his babies, Roan and Kaeley. IMGP9443

Tony has these pups well trained….they carted the beer up to the top of Match Patch for us!
roan w: beer

As if I could ever get Freckles to do that…
Queen B-

Scott and Erin also hopped aboard the good times train, bringing with them most of the goodies to make the weekend successful, including the ever useful camp stove.

Steve and Rachel camped out as well and brought along our sixth nephew, Leon.

And Candace, a friend of Erin’s, trooped out to Max Patch despite some sunburn to join in on the action.

And then there were these two really tall people who knew nothing about camping, but were luckily aided by a gracious coworker and knowledgeable friends who showed them that camping can in fact be comfortable, provided you make a few preparations. Unfortunately, I do not have a picture of these tall freaks. Because one half is always behind the camera and the other half avoids cameras.

So here instead is a picture of where the camping magic happened.

After we all got settled in, we hiked up to the top of Max Patch to catch the sunset. What a sunset it was! Max Patch is so pretty.


Somanna busted out the tripod and played national geographic explorerer-photographer-extradorainer. Too bad it took us four years of college before we finally went out on a date. We could have totally teamed up as journalist-photographer-couple-extradonaire and traveled the globe covering the poppy trade in Afghanistan, the depletion of the Amazon rainforest or more realistically your local little league championships, but I digress…

Later we headed back to gather round the campfire and engage in activities that cannot be documented on this blog or in film as we are all trying to lead respectable, prison free lives.
It was pure debauchery. Grown ups. Actin. A. Fool. All in all, a good times!  Next time you should come along!

And because Erin is the most loving wife ever, she documented the aftermath of her husband’s fun loving ways the next morning.
scottie hung over

(Sorry Scottie, but photos likes that just deserve posting!)

The next morning after scrambling up a yummy breakfast of hash browns, eggs and coffee, we packed up our gear and headed over to Big Creek for a little hiking & swimming. Somanna took like a 100 gazillion pictures on this trip and they are all fabulous, but I cannot possibly come up with enough segway material between them, so prepare for an onslaught of photo curry genius.

Across my path


In summary, I think it’s evident that we had a great trip. The scenery was gorgeous, the water frigid but the company warm and fabulous.

Camping rocks! Especially with these people 🙂



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2 responses to “Trying To Get Back Into The Swing of Things

  1. LOVE it. So witty 🙂 I think y’all would be a great journalist/photographer couple to travel the world. Also, the pictures are beautiful, and it looks like you had fun! Love you!

  2. Love it! I could see it becoming another fabulous tradition.
    And thanks for the photo – I hope Scott doesn’t find out it’s floating around the Interwebs!

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