A mental note…

I really really need to start printing my photos. Especially you bro; use what your Nikon gave you!
(I also really really need to back up my photos. Posting on Flickr doesn’t count.)




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3 responses to “A mental note…

  1. Chittiappa

    Ha – I just printed out some huge posters from this past summer. I'm talking huge i.e. 75x50cm big. Daniel and Alex are looming large in my office 🙂

    But you're right, my unofficial backup is my website, and I need to print out some gigs of phots.

  2. Peaches N Curry

    Wow! That.is.huge! I had to bust out the tape measure (and convert to inches) to visualize it. I wonder if I print out the cats that huge and put them in my cube what that will say of me…

  3. Chittiappa

    what that will say about you…… that you are a crazy cat person ….:)
    bro – that was my wife talking.

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