Blogger oh Blogger

Where for art thou Blogger?

Although I think it would be more accurate to ask writer, oh writer, where for art thou writer?

The answer to that question is complicated and so I’ll just sum it up with a big fat “I don’t know.” So let’s just hop back on this bandwagon with renewed gusto and soldier onwards and upwards shall we dear reader?

Let’s begin with a story. Why? Because I love telling stories. It’s what I do best. Homer and I would have made a great team. I could have totally livened up the Iliad with some much needed slang, humor and artistic dance interpretation.

Anyhoo Wednesday morning, as I peeled out of, calmly backed out of our driveway I noticed some mo-nay laying in the street. As in bills. Well, who am I to pass up free money?

So I promptly put the shaggin wagon in park, hopped out, did a happy dance and gleefully counted FOUR WHOLE DOLLARS worth of profit. It’s clearly going to be a good day when you start off finding four whole dollars lying the in middle of the street. It’s even better than finding money in your coat pockets because it’s sheer profit. (Thank you Econ 102!) I had never lost the money to begin with! Oh blessed day!

So I headed into work and informed my co-slaver, errah coworker Jenni that the reason for my incessant grinning at such an unholy hour of 8 a.m. directly resulted from my morning of my good fortune.

I then recounted my tale of how the Gods had shown me mercy this beautiful Wednesday morning and rewarded all my good Karma efforts of always returning the shopping carts to their place and using my turn signal, with a whopping four dollar tip just a-laying in the middle of the street, where chance, no fate, would have me come across this kind and generous act of the universe.

To which Jenni promptly replied with a dead pan face, “That was probably some poor kid’s lunch money. Now some poor kid can’t eat lunch because they dropped their lunch money and you picked it up.”

I have never felt better about myself…*sigh.*


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One response to “Blogger oh Blogger

  1. Heather

    This made me laugh 🙂

    And that's exactly what Jason's response would have been if that had happened to me…

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