Happy Birthday Somanna!!

To my better half both on this blog and in life,

Happy, Happy Birthday!!!

P.S. The Kittays wanted to tell you a little somethin, somethin:

They were a little disorganized at first. I had to be all disciplinarian on them and make them get it together….

Freckles kept wondering off because she felt that her left side was her good side and Marshall refused to trade…

But eventually with the help of some old fashioned bribery (cough, treats) they got it together ….sort of.

(Their sign says: Happee Berfday slave, err Daad. Luv Da kittays)



La Familia,

Beth, Freckles and Fatty Patty, err Marshall….



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2 responses to “Happy Birthday Somanna!!

  1. Erin

    Love the kitties' penmanship and artistic style. Nice work!
    Hope the cake was yummy and that Shaloot got his wish!

  2. Brittany

    That is so damn cute.

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