The 1st Rule of Fireworks…

Is something I totally did not think about. Esp. when having the chance to view them in the Nation’s capital. I mean, this is suppose to the mother of all July 4th fireworks, right? Our plan was to hang out at my friend Sudhir’s work place. Which happens to be a military base, called Fort McNair:

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So as you can see above, it’s right along the Washington Channel with a view of the Washington Monument (in the upper left of the map). It was a great day. We basically lied our way in and setup camp along the water, near the bottom of the base. We grilled some burgers and sausages (not hot dogs) and had the usual sides and hit some beers and wine. The weather was nice and overcast, and I was ready.
How ready? I had a tripod, though I actually forgot my tripod by the front door when leaving so I went bought the cheapest one at Best Buy with the full intention of returning it. Which I did, and got my money back. I also had my cable release for the camera, which is what you use to trip the shutter without touching the camera so as to not shake it. I did not bring my big zoom lens because it’s heavy and I figured I’d be quite close to the fireworks so it’s not really needed.
Anyways, we get all set, and off they go. From afar. Quite afar really… no matter though, right? You can still enjoy the colors and I can always crop down!
Oh, wait that 1st rule; don’t be downwind from fireworks. Yep, we basically got a smoke show. With lights. Though honestly towards the end the wind did shift away but I think we were all surprised at how… small it all looked. I’m also blaming it on the economy. It didn’t really seem all that balls-out (best expression ever, first heard when Steve Ansari was describing an 80 year old’s birthday party)… maybe there is some truth in my denial.
Oh well. But it was a good location, cause there was no crowd and just the 8 of us hung out all day and got a good buzz going. It really was a great day, and hat’s off to Sudhir for hooking us up! How the heck were we really going to know the direction of the wind?! As Beth and I say “now we know”.
Now you bet I have to go back, and this time I’ll be a little closer!

DC Fireworks

DC Fireworks 2

Stay tuned as I describe other portions of our trip! Hope everyone had a good 4th!
-Shaloot (who else?)


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One response to “The 1st Rule of Fireworks…

  1. Becky

    Bummer about the smoke, but sounds like you guys had an awesome time! And I love the 2 pics you have posted… beautiful!

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