A Tail of Two Kittehs

Exhibit A: Freckles, the Queen Kitteh:

She loves that toy. She’ll either bring the toy to me or come and meow/whine wherever I am and make me follow her to it. She’s been this way as long as we can remember and I’m always impressed at how high she jumps, even though she’s 6 years old! On the hardwood floors she likes to go in circles and have her legs skidding underneath her as she tries to get a grip.

And then we have exhibit B: Marshall.

The Fat Bastard. He pretty much demolishes his food whenever it’s kept out and I can’t make him play with the toy the way I can with Freckles. He usually puts in maybe 2 to 3 “jumps” (as in he raises up on his hind legs) before he chickens out. He does like to hide in waiting to pounce on it, but by then Freckles comes into the picture and plays with the toy… relegating him to the sideline… and probably back towards the food bowl.
Did I mention Freckles is the Queen cat?
I don’t know why this was posted, I should have worked on describing my trip to the Art Museum or Big Boss Brewery. Maybe tomorrow.



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2 responses to “A Tail of Two Kittehs

  1. Brittany

    This post made me laugh a lot. Oh the kittehs. Also, very clever post title.

  2. Erin

    Wow, that's big kitty.

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