errrr…I, no wait. Hmmm….Last weekend, we…no, that’s lame.

errr…hmmm. *fingers tapping the keyboard*

Doo do de da dee.

Is that a Billy Mays infomercial on TV? Oh wait, FOCUS Beth. Focus!


I hope you sense the depths of my writer’s block right now. And the tiredness that has temporarily settled in my bones because I am whipped. I think I might have overdone it here lately.

In fact, I know I overdid it because I bombed a cake. And I have never, EVER bombed a cake.

Fried chicken?

Check! Twice in fact. Boo Ya!!

Breaded eggplant Parmesan?

Roger that cap’n.

Cakes, brownies, cookies? NEVER.

In fact, I always smugly congratulated myself at how easily I took to baking because it calls for Martha Stewart’s attention to detail married to Kung Fu Panda’s precision. Lucky for me, I happen to be fluent in OCD and Karate Kid.

Baking proved easy.

But apparently not foolproof, because somehow I made a perfectly tasty cake that just fell apart faster than a Britney Spears meltdown.

They say the proof is in the pudding. Well ladies and gents, here’s the proof in the cake.

It is arguably the ugliest, most mangled cake you’ve ever seen, but at least it tastes good. Oh well. Whaddayagonnado? I figure if Mother Nature makes mistakes (albinos, hermaphrodites…..snakes) then a mangled (but tasty!) cake counts for something!

Here’s hoping I get my blogging and baking mojo back soon. Yall have a good Thursday.


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One response to “Caketastrophe

  1. Becky

    LOL! That is one rough looking cake! I've ruined some meals in my time, so I feel your pain… though I haven't botched a cake yet. Now it's only a matter of time….

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