Catch Up Blogging

So we have some long overdue blogging. Forgive us, but life has been busy in a super fun way. So let’s jump right in shall we?

Once upon a time, all the way back in early April, there was this holiday called Easter. With rabbits, eggs and Crucifixions, oh my! We headed to Staunton, Virginia to visit the family and good times of course ensued. The weather was a wee bit chilly, so that kept us indoors a bit more than we would have liked. But the dreary weather didn’t stop this wee one from braving the elements.

My self esteem took a beating when I realized that a 2 1/2 year old can outlast me in cold weather. I am totally screwed if Survivor ever took an Artic theme.

Anyhoo, on Saturday, Bob Andrew, Somanna and I ventured into Harrisonburg to dine at Taste of Thai, which specializes in seriously fabulous Thai food. I hope the pictures will convey what words, sadly, cannot.

Bros before Ho’s!

My Favorite Curry:)

Andrew drove us to Harrisonburg with his new permit skillz in the new-to-my-rents Lincoln town car. I opted to sit in the front passenger seat, trying my darndest to look as young as possible, quite a challenge when you are riding in the AARP’s official mode of transportation.

Hey there little guy, I’m gonna need to see some identification if you want that Senior Citizen discount!

And since I opted to sit up front, it thus became my responsibility to supervise Andrew’s driving. I actually had a tough time with this because a.) Andrew’s a good driver and b.) that town car is one smooooth ride. Bob & Somanna passed out five minutes after we got on the interstate. Meanwhile I’m peeling my eyelids back Joan Rivers style trying to stay awake. Thanks for the support fellas!

After we returned from our scrumptious meal, we lounged around and shot the breeze. Later on we watched Bolt, a super cute and very funny animated film. Sunday we went to church and afterwards celebrated Elder Bob’s birthday with some homemade carrot cake.

In case you were wondering, uh YES, it was as good as it looks!

Overall, we had a nice relaxing trip and it’s always fun to hang with la familia.

Plus Bob & Rosie shared with us, rather Joe shared with us, that they are indeed knocked up so for those of you counting that’s baby # 4 and we are all hoping for a girl! Because believe me, they have run out of boy names that they can agree on.

Congrats yall and yay for babies!! (from other people! Yay!!)



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4 responses to “Catch Up Blogging

  1. Chittiappa

    Carrot cake with three layers of cream!! Oooh, heaven.

    btw – Mrs. Whysh, do you have the ability to play VCD’s?

  2. Peaches N Curry

    Hey next I see you I’ll make that carrot cake for you….it’s so good!

    Um Senor Muthaanuh, I would love to answer your question except that I don’t know what a VCD is exactly? Is that like a European-fangled contraption or some sort of STD? Btw, acronyms scare me 😉 Check w/ your little bro, he’ll know:)

  3. Chittiappa

    The short answer then would be no 🙂
    No worries, will come up with an alternative.

    Lil bro’ may or may not know, he’s too busy falling in love with the king or the k7.

    You’ve got a deal re: carrot cake.

  4. Peaches N Curry

    If I can devise a way to mail it you I will.

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