P is for Pasta. P is for Perfection!

Sister Dearest Brittany visited us recently and ever so tactfully made the following observation:
“Yall sure do eat a lot of pasta.”

Why yes. Yes, we do eat a lot of pasta. If any of you suffer from carb-o-phobia, forgive me while I snort and roll my eyes. Because we all know that a diet rich in saturated fat, grease and meats is sure to keep your ticker running tip top. Riiiigghhhttt. If there was ever a money making scheme, the Atkins diet most certainly takes the cake, quite literally. (Unless you count Scientology, but that’s a whole other post!)

Anyhoo, here in the Wyche-Muthanna, Muthanna-Wyche, Wythanna (just giving it a little test run…) Household, we’re big, big fans of da pasta.

And here’s why:

1.) It’s yummy, filling and relatively healthy. (We get the whole wheat kind. Thanks Biggest Loser!)

2.) It’s cheap.

3.) Versatility! Pasta provides the perfect canvas. Dress up it up with veggies, or meat, or both. Make it the main course. Make it a hearty side dish. Throw it in a soup. Have it light and flavorful or creamy and indulgent. Stuff it, toss it, bake it, stir fry it. Pair it with a variety of sauces: pestos, cream based sauces, tomato based sauces. Or serve it naked underneath some other culinary masterpiece. Go Asian! Go Italian! Go Italian-American! Heck go Mexican! The pastabillities are endless!

4.) Pasta es El-cheapo.

5.) It comes in fun and different shapes. I have a particular fondness for Rotini and the super cute squiggles. Rotini seems rather girly doesn’t it? Whereas Linguine comes off a little bit transgendered depending on how it’s prepared. However, lasagna with meat sauce seems very masculine, no? How do foods and styles of cooking reflect gender? Hmmm, I smell a Master’s thesis coming on!

6.) Did I mention it was cheap? Just wanted to make that point.

7.) It is easy-peasy to cook. Most versions have more or less, the same instructions: Boil water. Add Salt. Add pasta. Drain. DONE.

8.) It is cheap. Hello! We are in a down economy people!

9.) Pasta frequently hooks up with Cheese. And we all know that Cheese, Chocolate and Sex are what make life worth living. ‘Nuff said.

10.) Finally, Pasta screams comfort food. It’s warm, nourishing and can be as complicated or as easy as you feel like making it. And for those busy weeknights when you find your energy low, hunger high and time nonexistent, nothing makes you feel more rewarded, more accomplished than serving a home cooked, heaping bowl full o’ pasta, made just the way you like it.

Stuffed Shells with Spinach & Ricotta Cheese

Pasta with Eggplant Courtesy of The Pioneer Woman

Itiza Spaghetti and Da Meatballs!

And so our love affair with pasta shall continue for many happy, yummy years to come.

Happy Pasta Eats to you & yours!


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