The Bane of My Existence

The EVIL Sock Basket:

The EVIL sock basket that makes you late for work, school and anywhere else you have to be that requires closed toed shoes and punctuality. Not to mention it steals on average three socks per usage.

Satan has a special room in Hades with all our missing socks, I’m certain of it.

The EVIL sock basket held hostage so many, many, many of my childhood mornings as my family attempted to wade through the mounds of socks to locate the sole match to a lone sock that would complete one’s outfit for the day and thus release us from its time stealing grip.

I swore I would not repeat such a grotesque inefficiency.

And yet here it is in my own home.

My parents must love this thing called bitter irony. My life seems to be full of it, much to their amusement.

But isn’t that what kids are for? Small scale slavery and entertainment?


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One response to “The Bane of My Existence

  1. Oldmarrieds

    Ahh, yes! That evil basket made me late to work this morning. I was <>thisclose<> to not wearing socks at all!

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