Vote With Your Fork! (or why we’re starting a garden….)

At the risk of exposing my inner dork, I must confess that I recently spent some time lurking on PBS’ website (um hello? I went to a liberal arts school remember?) and ran across this little gem of a Bill Moyers Special. It is a bit longer than say the Whitney Houston Star Spangled Banner video, but hopefully I don’t have to explain that it involves an issue of far weightier substance: your health.

So please take the time to check it out, even if it means you have to pause and come back to it. The special is broken down into two video segments, each highly informative and engaging. Put it on your Outlook calendar, set up a reminder on your blackberry, use an ancient object known as a “pencil” to write down a reminder on your post it pad, chisel it into a stone tablet, whatever it takes. Just please watch. I beseech you, implore you, beg of you even.

Sigh, I hate begging.

Unless it gets me what I want.

And then I find it a highly useful skill.



And when you’re done, let us know what you think!

Now I have to go research seeds and things. Watch out Mother Earth! Err on second thought Mother Earth can seriously kick my arse any day, best not to talk too much smack…:)


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One response to “Vote With Your Fork! (or why we’re starting a garden….)

  1. Scott

    Wow, that's an awesome piece! And interesting to see Michael Pollan in person. I read In Defense of Food and totally agree with most everything in it. And that's great that y'all are contemplating a garden. I used to garden growing up, but haven't lived anywhere long enough to set one on in the last few years. So, I'm jealous that y'all get to set one up at your house.The first step you'll want to take is to get up a compost bin. Check out the links below, as your city sells them at cost! We got the same on from Nashville's solid waste dept. (The Earth Machine) and we throw all of our kitchen scraps (sans meat & bones) in there.Also, check out some Gardening for Dummies books from the library, they're great. Look up the term "double-digging", which is an age-old French method for creating well-drained and aerated soil. See links below, and good luck!

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