Supah Bowl!

Pittsburgh Steelers vs. Arizona Cardinals.

We are rooting for the Steelers big time over here. But before we dive into the game, we must first rouse our patriotism with the singing of the USA’s national anthem. This year Tampa Bay will have Jennifer Hudson sing. I am very anxious to hear her killer voice tackle The Star Spangled Banner. (I’m just hoping she doesn’t go too Christina on me with all the oohs and yea’s celebs like to throw in there.)

The national anthem is actually a really tough song to sing. I should know. Seeing as how I don’t really sing. But singers tell me that it is a hard song to sing and Lord knows, we’ve all been at “X” sporting event and some poor, eager soul botched it all up. And it isn’t just the little beauty queen runner ups in small Southern towns who botch it up, either. Famous folks mutilate the national anthem far too often. (Um , Sheryl Crow, Michael Bolton. Not that I expected much from the latter. Still one would think that as an American Citizen and paid professional, he would at least know the words.)

Anyways, The Star Spangled Banner is a tough song. And on top of that everyone knows what it is supposed to sound like. Plus you are, like, honoring your country and everything.

So like, there is a lot of pressure and stuff and stuff.

Despite the pressure, some folks can just deliver. Like these here folks below.

And lo, I give you…

Beth’s Favorite Famous Person Versions of The Star Spangled Banner:

Whew that was a long list title!

(Disclaimer Alert: This is a famous person only list. But if I were to remove that restriction, my sister-in-law Rosie would definitely make the list because she can wail on the national anthem and then some. Take that Francis Scott Key!)

And the Honorable Mention goes to: Jimi Hendrix for rockin it on his git-tar. But since he technically didn’t sing the anthem, I feel somewhat guilty putting him on this list. Nonetheless, his version definitely merits big ups.

#3: Marvin Gay circa 1983- Why choose this version? Because suffice to say that only Marvin Gay could sing a tune penned in 1814 about war fare that makes you want to (dare I say it) get it on.

(It’s odd to be aroused at the thought of the rocket’s red glare. Although they did give proof through the night…but I digress.)

Moving on, #2: The Dixie Chicks circa 2003. Their harmony drips all over the song and is quite simply, amazing. But then again they are amazing. I *heart* the Dixie Chicks!

And finally, # El Numero Uno: We know her. We remember her. We eagerly await her comeback.
Whitney Houston. Circa 1991. I just don’t know that this version can be beat. Too bad Whitney can’t beat her Bobby Brown / crack habit. Sigh. I miss Whitney…

Jennifer Honey, this is what you are up against. If anyone can do it, I think it might be you. Good luck!


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One response to “Supah Bowl!

  1. Erin

    My vote is for the ultimate Whitney. Bless her heart.

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