Oh, Oh Oh Oh…The White Stuff!

We’ve got the White Stuff Baby…
You’re the reason why I write this blog.

Oh, Oh, Oh-oh-oh, The White Stuff

All that I needed was a day off ……from dumb worrrrkkkk!
And all that I wanted was yooouuuu……you made all …..the schools close!

(Now cross your arms and swing your legs. Admit it! You know this routine by heart!!)

Ok, I feel your skin cringing and your eyeballs twitching, so I will stop my lyrical genius mid-inspiration. But before you go knocking New Kids on The Block, just remember they gave us Mark Wahlberg, ok? So just….. Hang Tough.

I kid, I kid! Ok, ok I’ll stop. Don’t close your browser yet!

We’ve got pictures of snow. Real snow, like 6 whole inches in Eastern NC. And the pictures have captions!! Please stay!

Whew, I thought I had lost you there for a minute. It took a lot of exclamation marks to keep you here!

So on Tuesday, Inauguration Day, we woke up to SNOW. Like several inches worth; 6 to be precise. Which is apparently enough of a winter storm that the Governor of NC had to declare a state of emergency! (I hear you Norwegians laughing, along with other Northern folk. Just think of me next time you are shoveling your driveway, cursing the long winter.)

But let’s not banter. The snow is only here for a little while and it’s so pretty.

So let’s reminiscence with a montage of pictures, shall we?

Although, I cannot promise there won’t be more 80’s flashbacks. I’m just in that kind of mood.

But I’ll try. For all our sakes.

Oohh what’s this? The Diesel Monster is silent?! No wait, he tried to crank this noisy beast for a solid 10 mins at 7 am and then let it “warm up” for another 10 minutes. Sshh Diesel Monster!! I’m trying to hear the snow fall dangit! It’s supposed to be peacefull!

I’m twacking rabbits. Be bery bery quiet Diesel Monstwer!

Take that Elmer Fudd: Six Inches! See, I’m honest. Plus the only jokes I can think of for this caption are entirely inappropriate. Get your head out of the gutter! My grandmother reads this yall.

Somanna took a walk in the wee hours of the morning, while it was still snowing, so that he could play with his camera toy. I stayed in because snow day = laaaazzzyyy day. Except when you are in college, when snow day = shots + sledding = good times. Until classes are NOT cancelled the next day and you still have to turn in your paper that you wrote hung over.

What?!?!! No that story didn’t really happen Mama, honest! Here look at our lovely Christmas tree! It is just so gorgeous, isn’t it?!

I don’t think we’re in Kansas anymore Toto.
Nope, it’s definitely Narnia.

Hmm, I think the Witch went by in her sleigh. Careful, she will turn you into stone!
Which reminds me, I have got to finish that series…

Shut the *#$% up. I am not going outside.

Do I look impressed?
Now let’s get back to serving me and my needs.

Later in the day, we ventured out and about, as the Canadians say, for a big, long walk. So that you guessed it, Somanna could take more photos.

Sometimes he lets me take the “little camera.” Let’s see if you can guess who took which photos.

Documenting the property line…

Documenting that Beth needs new kicks…..

Somanna’s artsy fartsy pics…

And then mine…

See it’s up to me to balance his high brow ways. It’s a responsibility I take very seriously.

The man in action.

Snow Beast in action.

This road is briefly clear long enough to get a shot.
Apparently snow in the South = get your redneck on. Everyone thrusts their car into four wheel drive and suddenly they are qualified to handle icy roads at break neck speeds. That is why I stay home like a conspiracy theorist loony.

And then we headed home. Where I busted out my early 90’s techno hits while I did laundry.

He is one lucky husband!
The End.



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3 responses to “Oh, Oh Oh Oh…The White Stuff!

  1. Brittany

    The snow was so pretty!! It’s supposed to snow more this week…hope so at least, because we didn’t get as much as y’all did!

  2. Chittiappa

    If it’s any consolation to y’all in NC, the folks down south in Oslo have become the biggest retards when it comes to snowy conditions. They get a little snow storm, and all hell breaks loose. It makes you wonder whether those Norwegians down south forgot where they live???Still, 6″ is still pretty wussy (had to say it). btw – tell diesel monster he should get a motor warmer so he doesn’t have to idle the beast.Your blog is very entertaining.

  3. Becky

    I love the snow pictures! I also love the college snow story… not that any of that really happened…. lol! 😉This is an extremely entertaining blog–love it!

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