The camera geek in me… or is it "I"??

So I participate quite reguarly… ok fine, very reguarly in an online forum for Pentax users, and last month we got this project started where one person was going to ship his old Pentax K1000 camera to different forum members. The plan was each member was going to take 2 shots and then pass it along. We also have to take a photo of the camera (with the film tab shown) as a sort of proof that we received it… in one piece. It started out in California, near L.A. and came to Cary, NC and then onto me (no shipping cost for that lucky user) and then I sent it along to upstate NY. Its going to hang around that area for a little bit, and then making its way through the mid-west finally back to owner.
Along the way the film is going to run out and one member has agreed to load/donate a new roll for this project. Once it gets to the owner he will develop the roll, scan the photos and share the images that we took. So in this day and age when we are so used to instant gratification, its different to wait for a bit to see what images were taken, esp. your own since I somewhat can’t remember what I ended up taking.
The K1000 is a completely manual film camera, of which I own a copy as well, and it requires the user to set the exposure manually. So hopefully no one is going to have a under/over exposed image to share (knowing my luck, guess who it will be?)! Anyways here is the google maps I’ve made to track it along with the photo of the camera each person has taken. Hopefully in a couple of weeks this map will have many more zig-zag lines across it!


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One response to “The camera geek in me… or is it "I"??

  1. Chittiappa

    Ah…you young whippersnappers, going old skool after messing with digital…:-). After shooting with film for the longest time, I couldn’t wait to ditch it and switch full on to digital. I thought film was way more forgiving for exposure due to its much larger DR compared to digital. Also, I have saved a ton of money on developing and printing since switching to digital, and it’s made taking pics of the frukster much more fun and exciting. It’s quite amusing to see all the comments on film camera’s now, when it’s been around forever. That’s the best part of the introduction of digital – a lot more people are getting into photography, and the equipment you can get now for the price is pretty darn good.Anyways – the idea is really cool. Can you post a link to the pics when the camera’s journey is finally complete?

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