Thanksgiving Part II!

I bet you didn’t think we could possibly eat more did you? HA! You were wrong. Do not test our eating skillz people! Somanna is a human garbage disposal and I come from a long and proud family of food connoisseurs.

So whilst we were in the burgh de Pitt, we swung by Sewickley’s newest burrito joint: Azul

We kicked off our meal with guacamole and chips. The guacamole destroyed my willpower with its most excellent flavor, a proper balance of red onion and cilantro with a hint of lime.

Somanna ordered the chicken burrito, wet which means it comes with salsa, sour cream and holy guacamole Batman! I ordered the steak burrito and Bob ordered the pulled pork, both wet of course. Who eats burritos without sour cream and guac, dieters aside, I ask you?

Nice job catching my grubby fingers hitting the chips there Somanna!

As you can also see, Somanna sampled the Bohemia cerveza and found it a little heavy and bitter, but still a tasty accompaniment to his meal.

Bob advised us to order the salsa verde (green salsa) as it was far superior to the salsa rojo (red salsa). And right he was, but we had to try both of course. The California style burritos were excellent, stuffed with rice, beans and grilled veggies. And with Azul being less than 10 minutes from Bob’s house, it is dangerously close.

And hey the local artwork on the wall even caught our attention:

Zihuatanejo, Mexico is where we collasped, err honeymooned after the wedding.

Best of all, we had leftovers which we gladly dropped off at Brittany’s as we rolled down the highway back to NC.

As for our weight gain, don’t worry. I’ve have managed to coerce the commitment of my husband, sister and younger brother in doing our first 5k in February. Muahahaha! At this point I think Andrew is in the lead, as he is the only one that’s actually been training thanks to his track star lifestyle.

Stayed tuned folks: Holiday Merriment is upon us and you don’t want to miss our first attempts at Griswald style decorating!


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