City of Steel!

Is that even correct? Anyways as you know we took a trip up to Pittsburgh for the Thanksgiving weekend and apart from hanging with the family and eating the food (which will talked about by Beth) we got to see Jeff and Christine’s new baby girl! She was born on the Wednesday before, so a great Thanksgiving they certainly had!
happy happy joy joy
Jeff with his baby girl:
proud papa
and her proud mama:
proud mama
We’re so happy for them and think that they will be wonderful parents! It’s going to be great watching her grow and tugging at their heart strings!
We also got up with Santosh on Saturday and we met in his borough of Squirrel Hill and started the cold day with some warm, spicy Thai food! It is seriously good and we believe him when he says its the best in Pittsburgh… heck its the best we’ve had! We started with chicken satay:

We then had a green curry dish and panang curry with fried and white rice washed down with Thai iced-tea. Well Santosh and Beth had it… I’m not a fan of tea that’s cold:

After warming up we took a quick trip to check in the sites. First up we went up to Mt. Washington and for the infamous view (though from a different perspective):
bokeh Pittsburgh
The Heinz field, home of the Steelers:
oh live view how I thought I'd miss you...
and we went hunting for the ice-rink Santosh stumbled across couple of days ago:
Pittsburgh is a neat city, lots of history and character, definitely worth checking out in more detail… that means getting to walk around and take more pics! But dang it gets cold up there…



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4 responses to “City of Steel!

  1. Erin

    So you two didn’t bust your pants open, either? I was amazed that I didn’t touch dessert. If anything that is always my weakness!The Thai photos look amazing. Not to mention the awesome black and whites of the new Tharp addition and the Wyche Posse. Happy Belated First Thanksgiving as Marrieds, you guys!

  2. Scott

    Yeah, I’m a huge fan of Thai iced tea. I know there’s nothing healthy about Thai tea (we bought some one time and it’s loaded with artificial colors) nor sweetened condensed milk, but man, it’s like the Fire Department for when you get an extra spicy Panang curry or something like that!I’d like to visit Pittsburgh, as I’ve seen it described as “The Poor Man’s San Francisco” i.e. lots of hills, funky neighborhoods, and good food.

  3. Peaches N Curry

    That Thai restauraunt was AMAZING! I've been hankering for more ever since! Pittsburgh really is a great city. Both Bob & Santosh both love, love, love it there…which I think speaks volumes since one is a single bachelor hittin the town and the other is a hard workin family man. So clearly its a great place to be….Bob was trying to convince us to move up definitely makes ya think about it. But not yet. We just moved to R-Town. And I don't dig on the cold & gray too much.

  4. Bob

    It is a neat town and much more affordable than San Fran (like 5 houses for the price of one). You’re always welcome to visit!You get used to the cold and gray and that’s why they invented airplanes and vacations.

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