Well what a year this has been so far… so a quick recap since I’m not going to specifically blog about it all but here is whats up so far; we started the year in Raleigh, Beth got a new job, I went to India in Feb after being away for 8 years (!) and got to see my lil’ nephew Alex for the first time in Norway (photos at, we got engaged in March (!), I got a new job which involves zero traveling (woohoo!), we bought a house, I drove a nascar, my whole family came to stay with us… cause we got married (!!) which was fantastic and went on honeymoon ( which was much needed and now we are catching our breath! phew! And the year is still not over!

Ok and here we are starting this blog… which might end up being quite random… but thats the beauty of them innt? Beth has mentioned how this blog got started below but maybe our blog might try and have a few receipes thrown in and talking about food we eating or cooking or beer I’m drinking (thank you Erin and Scott: or maybe going a little political at times (thank you Becky: or musing about the weather (thank you Julie:… though Becky and Julie have some neat gardening tips which I am going to put to use soon… or maybe the books we’re reading and enjoying, ala Brittany-dearest: So yes, I’m copying others, hey it worked for me in school, so I ain’t stopping now… and I will thrown in some stuff about photography, and hopefully inspire some of you to pick up your camera and go beyond the “Auto” mode… I’m no expert (that will be my bro: but I’d like to think I can help… oh, and all of you I just gave a shout-out, y’all better put this on your favorites/bookmarks (yay Firefox users) cause we sure as heck have you!

Ok, thats enough… I guess big thing this week is the Thanksgiving holiday, so hopefully you all have a good holiday, safe travels, happy eating/drinking and all that jazz… we’re going up to Pittsburgh which I’m super excited about!

pic of the post: I fell into...



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4 responses to “Reeecap!

  1. Erin

    Oh, Lord. You two on a blog? Can the world handle this?! I can’t wait to see!Just be amazed at how many people come out of the woodwork to check out your musings. It’s wild. Love the title, love the photos, love love love it all. Have fun, guys!

  2. Chittiappa

    Peachesncurry – brilliant name LOL. Though according to the profile, you’re both female (one I can see, the other hmmm)Thanks for the compliment, though I will say, lil bro, your pics are much better than mine. I may have the toys, but you have the eye.So now I have a site to look forward to!!(Sorry about the previous post deletion – thought I could edit comments to fix spelling – doh!)

  3. Becky

    LOL I love it! Hopefully you guys will inspire me to be a better blogger. 🙂 Love in slob, Lester!

  4. Scott

    Yea, more blogging. Don’t worry about being regular, we’re not on the food blog, etc. : )

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